Saturday, February 5, 2011

Computer Science

I'm majoring in Computer Science and at first things were trivially easy. Freshman year was a joke and so was part of my sophomore year. However, things are getting tough now. We can't just write code however the hell we want anymore! It has to conform to runtime and memory restrictions, which is extremely difficult sometimes. I mean, I understand why and whatnot, but every day it gets more and more clear why so many people drop out of CS. It truly is a very difficult field, but I'll make it... I think.


  1. i thought about majoring in computer science back in middle school. not for me anymore, good blog though following sir.

  2. Yeah, Computer Science seems like a good idea at first.

    Then it hits you that computers aren't just magic and magnets. Lol.

    Well my major doesn't really require much thought into computers, just some analysis. Poli Sci ftw.

  3. I'm actually thinking about changing my major to computer science. Are you saying you wouldn't recommend it ?

  4. Not at all, I enjoy it. Just know what you're getting into, computers are enormously more complex than they appear and I really can't stress than enough.